April 16, 2022

How to put the best M&A pros in your corner for every deal

How to put the best M&A pros in your corner for every deal

Interest in acquisition entrepreneurship is growing rapidly. People are realizing the profit potential and attractive lifestyle that comes with buying, growing and selling businesses. 


But many people face challenges or don’t know where to turn for help and advice, regardless of whether they’re just starting out or have done many deals.


There are so many steps in acquiring or selling a business that it’s no wonder acquisition entrepreneurs have questions. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get the top strategies of seasoned M&A pros?


That’s the inspiration behind a helpful new resource, Acquisition Aficionado Magazine. This digital magazine delivers in-depth interviews and exclusive stories from leading experts in the business acquisition industry every month.


Members of the How2Exit audience can get a complimentary issue of Acquisition Aficionado Magazine to enjoy on an iPad, Android tablet, or desktop computer.


You’ll discover tactics for business buying and selling you won’t find anywhere else. Learn stories of success first-hand from industry leaders such as these recent contributors:

  • Ronald Skelton, host of the How2Exit podcast
  • Carl Allen, CEO of Dealmaker Wealth Society
  • Roland Frasier, co-founder and/or principal of 5 different Inc. Magazine fastest-growing companies
  • Adam Lyons, master deal maker 
  • Blake Hutchison, CEO of Flippa
  • Jon Stoddard, The Top M&A Entrepreneurs Podcast
  • Sebastian Amieva, Mergers and Acquisitions Newsletter
  • Walker Deibel, author of “Buy Then Build”
  • Nick Bradley, “Scale Up Your Business” podcast
  • Christian Haack, “The Business Exit Angel”
  • Arturo Henriquez, serial entrepreneur and 2-time Bestselling Author
  • and many more


Profit from the impressive lineup of business acquisition experts sharing their top strategies and advice. Articles cover everything needed to close the best deals, including financing, deal flow, market forecasts, buy/sell listings, training/advice/education, and more. Audio and video content brings the stories to life. 


Content in Issue 4 includes:

  • “How2Exit: Marty Fahncke - executed over $400 million in Mergers and Acquisitions” by Ronald Skelton
  • “The Acquisition of Businesses Commercial and Real Estate” by Dan Taylor
  • “The Step-By-Step Guide to Buying and Selling E-Commerce Businesses Using SBA Loans” with Stephen Speer of E-Commerce Lending Inc.
  • “5 Places to Find an Abundance of Deals (before a company is listed!)” by Adam Lyons
  • “How to Negotiate During Business Acquisition” by Roland Frasier
  • “How to Source Low-Risk Strategic M&A Deals in 2022” interview with Brian Pallas, CEO of Opportunity Network
  • “Company Sellability 101: 7 Areas To Focus on For Company Sellability Success” by Adam Sayler
  • “My House Is Sinking - Quick, Sell It!” by Cliff Spolander
  • “How the Great Reset/Resignation Will Impact Acquisitions, LBO’s & Roll-Ups” by Darius Ross
  • “Buying a Business: Your Due-Diligence Checklist” by Nunzio Presta
  • “27 Acquisitions & Public Co. E39: Callum Laing Top M&A Entrepreneurs” Jon Stoddard interviews Callum Laing, founder, and CEO of MBH Corporation PLC
  • “Three Secrets Business Sellers Are Hiding From You” by Natu Myers
  • “People, Processes and Automation” by Nick Bradley


For investors passionate about business acquisition and anyone interested in buying a company to strategically expand, selling/exiting, or driving up your valuation, the new Acquisition Aficionado Magazine is a must-have resource. As a reader of How2Exit, you can click here to get a complimentary copy of Issue 4 featuring content from Ronald Skelton and many other M&A pros.

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